What are the top three habits for developing self-control, self-discipline and willpower?

The first and most valuable habit is taking your time Seriously.

Developing discipline, willpower and self-control all starts with you recognizing that time is your limiting resource.

You do not know how much time you have left anymore. Your life could end in 60 years, in 2 weeks or in the next hour. No one can say for certain.

The question is: With time being so tight, why do you still wait to do the things you need to do?

Why do you still wait on developing the habits and taking the actions that move you forward?

It’s time to take your time seriously.

Plan out your days to the last minute and force your day to give you every last drop of value!

Make the most out of every single moment you are living through!

Get into the habit of looking at your day and planning it out so that you can go to bed with a smile on your face.

Optimize your daily routine so that sooner or later you will live your ideal day every day.

When you treat every moment as a gift and as something very limited you’ll think twice about dropping the habits and procrastinating.

The second most valuable habit is to stop relying on your Emotions.

Let go of your need for willpower, discipline and control.

As long as you rely on those and the associated emotions you will always subject your day, plan and life to be perfectly in line.

You will not always have the willpower or discipline or control to do what you need to do; Do it anyway.

Focus entirely on getting done what you need to get done and nothing else.

The rest is just not important.

Discipline, Self-control, willpower, motivation, excitement, etc. Those are all nice to have but they are bonuses.

Figure out a way to organize your day so that you rely less and less on these emotions and effects.

Habitualise as many tasks as you can so that you require less to start the habit and then do it regardless of how you feel.

Find a way to create Emotions.

“Wait a second there… Didn’t you just say not to rely on your emotions?”



Not at all.

Look at the point above.

Nowhere did I say that emotions aren’t helpful, you just cannot rely on them because emotions are just that, emotions.

They come and go as they please.

If you want to make some real progress you have to do what you need to do regardless of how you feel. That needs to be your baseline.

From there, however, if you can feel excited, motivated, happy and fill yourself with desire, you will find it a lot easier to actually get the work done.

For that, however, you need to first figure out what gets you into that state!

You cannot allow your emotional states to be random occurrences. That won’t cut it.

Instead make it a science.

Figure out what habits, activities, and thoughts get you into a heightened state and write those down somewhere.

Use this list as much as you can, because while you should not rely on any emotion to get you through, practice still makes perfect and the bottom line is always what you got done in the end of the day, not how you got there.

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