How can someone find their talent?

Chase Your Joy.

Think about how joy is created.

At the beginning of your life you did whatever you could get your hands on.

You didn’t differentiate between things you sucked at or were good at and just leapt right into the world.

You played in the dirt, ran around screaming, touched anything that wasn’t bolted down and used almost every single thing as a means to create joy.

It was free and it was fun!

But as life progressed you were only praised for certain things: The things you were good at.

When you showed a knack for something the people around you reinforced that by praising you, celebrating it and even encouraging you to do more.

You trusted their judgement and when they celebrated you it gave you a sense of accomplishment, and naturally you began to work harder on this and do more.

As you progressed in what you loved you got better and more skilled, and with that came more people that looked at you in awe and praised your efforts, which in turn made you feel better about what you did and you put in more effort once more.

And as you grew up this process slowly diffused out the things you sucked at as the process slowly turned these things into things you did not enjoy anymore.

Whatever you were bad at gave you no recognition, no sense of accomplishment, and, in comparison to all those things you were good at, made it almost seem negative.

So, if that is all true, what will happen if you follow your Joy now?

What will you find if you try to do those things you used to enjoy?

Shouldn’t that lead you to your gifts and talents?

Theoretically, if you enjoy something now there is a good chance that you used to be good at it in the past, especially with the things you used to enjoy as a child.

You enjoy what you enjoy for a reason after all!

I think we just get this idea in our head that the things we enjoy cannot also be the things we are good at, but the two almost beget one another!

What used to drive you as a child? What made you smile? What gave you a sense of joy and accomplishment? What made you really have fun?

Find those things once more and chase them, get better at them and you will find that most of them were what you were talented in already.

But even if you do not find that, you will create your own talent with this process.

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