How to develop leadership skills

Leadership starts behind the scenes.

A lot of today’s “leaders” act only when they are on screen, on a stage or when people look at them.

They put on the persona of the leader to suit their needs and then drop it at the first chance they get.

But true leaders lead their lives regardless of where they are, what they are doing or what’s going on around them.

They keep their integrity throughout their lives.

What this means is that the beginning of your journey as a leader starts with you!

You must lead your own life and be a leader that is 100% invested in you!

Imagine you were a person whose only objective was to see you succeed, be happy and live a fulfilled life.

The entire purpose of that person was to serve you in the best way possible to make you succeed and lead the best life you could.

Where would that person lead you? What would they tell you to do? How accountable would they hold you? What would they say to you? How would they encourage you to reach the places you want to reach?

If you want to become a true leader start being proactive in your own life.

Make more active decisions and lead a more active life, becoming the person that braves the storm before anybody else.

Always make the first move, act as your highest, best self regardless of where you are or who you’re with.

Stand up for everything you believe in no matter the repercussions.

Make the tough calls that no one else is willing to make but that you know you have to.

Do not wait on people to make the decisions for you or for life to force you into a certain path.

Instead make a decision first on where you want to go and then go that path with zest and determination.

Lead yourself better than everybody else.

You are the first and best subject to test your leadership skills on.

If you can lead yourself into a better life, you will also be able to lead others.

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