The best mindset to have for starting a successful business.

What matters?

As a business grows there’s more and more that would be good for the business to do.

Developing a website, creating an email list, talking to other businesses, building a stronger funnel, learning more sales strategies, hiring more employees, starting more projects, developing better products, etc.

It’s so much that anyone would get burned out by trying it all.

This is something especially starting businesses fall for quickly: They start to overwork themselves with things that do not matter and get busy rather than productive.

If you are struggling to make enough money in your business, then you don’t need to make a prettier website or start more projects!

You need to finish things, get them on the market and close deals!

Everything else is just you getting busy!

Starting businesses often loose sight of what really mattered as they get thrown into the corporate world.

With new technologies, social media, marketing strategies and new sales techniques it becomes so much to do!

It seems that everyone should do everything and has the time to do nothing.

Before they know it they are overstressing themselves with all these little things that would definitely help but are just not crucial, productive or effective.

And when they become overstressed they take longer breaks, avoid the important, but uncomfortable, tasks even more and end up spiraling into a deeper hole.

As a Business you must keep your eye on what matters.

What is your limiting resource right now?

What do you need to get now?

What is the fastest way to grow? Really?

What did other businesses do during this stage?

What are you doing that does not matter?

What truly matters to the business?

If you answer these questions honestly the answer will be simple and straightforward.

If you answer dishonestly it will seem like you are trying to justify a course of action or make something sound better than it is.

Keep it simple, keep focusing on what matters, and keep your mindset focused on the few, important tasks that will really make a difference.

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