What are some bad habits people develop in their 20s?

1. Instant Gratification – TV, Internet, Video Games, Fast Food, Mobile Phones, etc. All of these sources of instant gratification block out the few, important, long-term activities that really make a difference.

2. Lying to gain Status – No one ever thinks about it, but the status you gain through your lies is not worth the effort to keep it up. You have to constantly change yourself, no one will love you for who you are because no one will know who you are, and all that lying is going to create a very unstable source of self-worth that can crumble with even the slightest break in that web you’ve created. It’s not worth it.

3. Blame Game – “It’s his fault/her fault/my parents fault/ the fault of the world/it was the situation/I had no choice because of them/If only X wasn’t the way it was/I could have made it if person Y didn’t exist…” It’s easy to go around pointing fingers and saying they are responsible for your misfortune. Sadly none of it is going to change your situation or make things better. It’s merely going to prolong the time you stay in that situation as you keep avoiding taking responsibility yourself.

4. Dating just to Fill a Need – If you date to feel happy, less lonely and fulfilled then you will always be disappointed. Relationships require time, effort and energy and they will drag you down if you are not ready. Relationships always amplify what is there already. Do not expect them to fix anything.

5. Working too hard on the wrong things… – A lot of the things you do just do not matter in the end. There are a lot of things that you spend a lot of time on that end up holding very little value.

6. … And Working too little on the right things – Instead of spending your time aimlessly doing things that hold no value look at the few, uncomfortable things that do. Do those things first and work on them the longest.

7. Staying in Toxic Situations & Relationships – Trust me, it’s not fine! If you are in a burning room filled with acid, if the situation or relationship is poisoning your life, then get out however you can. Yes, it will suck for a while, but something better always takes it’s place.

8. Faking Who You Are – If you fake who you are you will always get feedback on that fake personality. No wonder so many people feel unloved, unsupported and low on self-confidence. They expect people to love their real self without ever showing it. Faking who you are holds no merit to you.

9. Settling For A Life They Do Not Enjoy – While you have to accept where you are you do not have to accept that life will always stay that way. Too many people settle for things they do not want out of fear they cannot get what they truly desire. But what if they get what they do not want? Will that truly make them happy when they settle with it?

10. Entitlement/Lack of Drive – The world owes you nothing. You are not special. There’s no destiny for you to achieve. You are here and everything you do has the potential to create something. But if you do not act, you will gain nothing. Get that through your head and stop waiting for miracles that will not happen.

11. Taking Everything Too Seriously – Life is a cluster f*ck. Things go up and down, around and around, and you will hear dozens of things by hundreds of people that have no idea. Stop taking everything so seriously, take what will help you, and leave the rest behind with a smile!

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