Why is it taking me so long to succeed?

There are only a few tasks that truly make a difference, but most of us do not do those tasks because they are uncomfortable, unnerving and scary.

Theses tasks take a lot out of us, put us in great amounts of pressure and usually are the tasks everyone else avoids effectively.

Let’s say you’re trying to get fit.

You read up on workout routines, look at what diet would be best and even talk to a couple of coaches to help you get into shape.

But you only go to the gym once a Month.

Would you really get fit?

On the other hand, let’s say you do not look up any workout routines, do not follow a set diet and do not talk to any coaches.

But you go to the gym for two hours every day.

Would you get fit?

There are only ever a few tasks that really count, with the rest of the things supporting that core.

Of course the diet helps, of course the routine is good and of course a coach can elevate your training, but unless you actually train it won’t really matter!

In the same way your business, relationships and finances are also not going to improve if you do not do the few tasks that matter!

For your business you need customers above all else, for your relationship you need to spend time with your partner above all else and for your finances you need a source of income!

If any of those are not doing well and you are still busy, then you are lying to yourself; you are feigning to be busy to avoid the tasks that really matter.

Getting new customers can be unnerving, especially if you have no hot customers and need to start doing cold calls.

Spending time with your partner can be uncomfortable, especially if the relationship is not working out so well, but which is also when it’s most important.

And working harder at your job when you are already being underpaid seems like a waste of time but it might be what will get you that raise!

The important tasks are always tough, uncomfortable or discouraging, but that is why they matter!

When you look at how you define success make sure you do what really matters first and most intensely.

If you then add all the supporting activities on top of that, there is no doubt you will succeed, because there are 99 out of 100 people that will not do those uncomfortable tasks and kid themselves with their success.

Be the 1 out of 100 that actually does what matters and that reaches true success.

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